Building Technology Consultants
Value Add Professional Services

We offer a solid foundation of value add technical consultancy,
specialising in delivering expert advice in the integration of IT and Audiovisual technologies.

Building Technology Consultants

Expert advice in the integration of IT & AV technologies.

Connect NZ provides professional services to Defence, Corporate, Government, Education and Entertainment industries throughout New Zealand. We offer a solid foundation of value add technical consultancy, specialising in delivering expert advice in the integration of IT & AV technologies.

Evolving within an
Ever Changing Market

Connect NZ has been recognised as an industry leader in providing complex audiovisual integration for whole building solutions. Our initial focus for the company was to provide control and automation solutions to the wider audiovisual market.

Connect NZ has now evolved to deliver technical expertise to organisations wanting sound technical advice in the application of audiovisual technologies across the many varied industry requirements. In simple terms, Connect NZ puts solutions in place of challenges.

Our Services

Our value add is enabling companies to expand their core services to include IT & AV technologies. These services are often not accounted for and can be costly to integrate without early planning. Providing these technology services increases value to the business and client.


We offer solutions for the deployment of audiovisual technologies. This includes tender and RFI process services such as system design, budget planning, quality assurance checks, trade services coordination and documentation. By offering a solid foundation of technology advice, an Connect NZ consultant can provide your business with the tools to include, and more importantly integrate these types of technologies through our value add professional services.

with Core Technologies

Understanding integration of the key building technologies such as building management systems (BMS), audiovisual over fixed network infrastructure, IPTV design and deployment and electrical and lighting systems helps bring the full benefits of these systems together, to create a seamless experience for the client. Connect NZ understands how all these systems integrate from a core software level, through to the user's experience with controlling these technologies.

Needs Analysis
for customers requirements

Audiovisual spaces such as network operation centers running 24/7, auditoriums, boardrooms and meeting rooms are critical to day to day business operations, which can transform the way an organisation works. There are many components of a solution that need to be brought together to simplify the client’s experience. Connect NZ coordinates these components to ensure client deliverables can be met on time and within budget.


Our green initiative’s such as BMS integration is critical in maintaining green standards across the audiovisual solution. Many AV products have made huge progress in this area over the last two years and Connect NZ has been following and recommending some of the best. From amplifiers that power down when not in use, to energy efficient measurement tools to help the clients understand the impact on energy when using these technologies.


Documentation services cover the complete project life-cycle including needs analysis, concept design drawings, detailed system schematics, cabling and containment schedules, power, data and lighting schedules, project management schedules, testing, commissioning and handover documents. Our understanding, capabilities and resources remove the guess work, ensuring the overall achievement of business objectives and outcomes.

User Interface
Design Services

It must be simple! These are the words spoken by many customers when it comes to describing user interfaces or how they will control technology. Simplicity comes from experience and understanding look, feel and flow of any interactivity with technology. If it is made to feel easy to use because it has recognizable images, and structure that the person is used to seeing, and flows the way they would expect it to, they will continue to have a desirable experience.

Connect NZ has significantly contributed to the confidence in the technology, integrating those in the meeting room environment has become a natural way of working

Martin Bell, ASB Senior Project Manager

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your tireless commitment you gave in support of standing up this outstanding facility. Everything worked as it was designed to do and there was nothing but praise from the speakers who presented and from the meeting attendees, they were very impressed to say the least!

New Zealand Defence Force

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